Catch The Ring

This Android game has an awesome physics and game play


  • No options – just play.


Think you have what it takes to catch the ring? A simply, yet very addictive addition to android games. Belonging to the family of fast-paced android games, you will need to make quick decisions including where the airflow should be directed and which corresponding post the different sized rings belong to. Catch the ring is a great android app to develop cognitive skills, from all ages.

Catch the ring Android game is for all ages that can be played in the office, at home or on your way to work.

This game has an awesome physics and gameplay.

In the game you need to pass the levels at the shortest time period possible, accumulating the highest scores.

You will need to make quick decisions which button to press, where air flow should be directed and put rings of various size onto the corresponding posts in the right order using your phone accelero-meter.

You can play the game on your own or let your children develop motility and cognitive skills.

You’ll admire not only the game play, but the also the sound effects!

Useful function ‘random level’ makes it possible to start the game at a random level after completing it.

‘Сatch The Ring’ will help you to fill in time and enjoy beautiful game physics ‘Objects in The Water’.

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