Who we are

Mzemo is a website, mobile apps and games development company based in UK.

We offer a wide spectrum of mobile apps and games for Android, iOS, WP, etc.

Here at Mzemo, to put it simply we put things on phones. We make brilliant games and apps for a wide range of operating systems, including Android, IOS, WP, Bada and more.

So why do we do that? Because it makes people happy. This is a crazy, crazy world and if we can’t find a way to escape it from time to time, we’ll all be crazy too. We develop android app games that you can play in a few minutes or games that you can play for a few hours.

Imagine being trapped on a long, boring flight without a decent game on your phone to distract you, or sitting on the same bus morning and evening, five days a week and looking at the same old buildings every day. We know what that’s like, which is why we produce some of the best games on the market.

Take a look at our android live wallpapers; a little bit of escape that you can disappear into when all around you are being a pain and the stressometer is rising fast, little windows that you can stare through into little worlds of characters, colours and shapes that we have created to help you recharge.

We can do that because we’re really proud of our technical skills, in a geeky sort of a way, and we reckon we’re pretty creative (although some of the things we’ve come up with do suggest a need for counselling!) and we hope you’ll agree when you’ve had a good look through the apps. Most of all, though, we like to have fun - after all, that’s what it’s all about; that’s what keeps the users and customers coming back.

So if you’re interested in how mobile apps and games could help promote your business or if you’re a gamer looking for something new, then have a look through the pages and try some of the games and the wallpapers.

What we would really like is for you to get in touch. We try and keep as close to our markets as we can so we want to know what brought you to our site and whether you found what you wanted. If we’re missing a trick then we want to know, because as android app developers – well, we just want to keep developing.

Email us anytime at: info@mzemo.com